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Downsize or Remodel: Lighting matters as we age

According to a recent article in Builder Magazine, downsizing your home later in life is a transition that is better done sooner than later. Tom Lauricella reported this week in The Wall Street Journal’s Sunday edition that the advantages in moving early can be significant. Some of these include: Budgets. “In a larger home, expenses are […]

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Lightbulb FAQs

The lighting industry is changing quickly. New legislation, phaseouts and technologies are affecting the options we have available to illuminate our homes. We share the top five frequently asked questions (and answers) as recently found in Better Homes and Gardens’ Lighting magazine. Q: I’ve heard that 100-watt bulbs are now banned, and 75-watt and 60-watt […]

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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Part 4

The Availability and Cost of High Performance Lighting Traditional residential, incandescent lighting varies widely in both availability and cost. This is also true for the five categories of High Performance Lighting: tubular fluorescents, built-in CFLs, decorative CFLs, built-in LEDs and decorative LEDs. Tubular Fluorescents– These strip lights are the simplest of fluorescent fixtures, and are […]