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Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 3 of 3

This is the third and final post of our Designer Series this week, featuring an interview with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction. Today we focus on industry trends to keep an eye out for – we’d love to hear from you on trends you are embracing today in your home design […]

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5 ways to lower your energy bill

Summer is that one season where almost everyone begins to (begrudgingly) notice their energy bills. The good news is that there are some really easy, practical ways that you can help lower those bills, with little sacrifice to your lifestyle. Read on for 5 money-saving tips. 1. Identify and remove devices that use power even […]

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Shining Light on LEDs: Outdoor Solutions

Last week we detailed ways to use LED sources inside your home. From decorative wall mounts to recessed ambient lights, there are dozens of ways to incorporate these energy efficient fixtures into your interior design. To close out our “Shining Light on LEDs” series, we will take a look at the benefits and ways to […]

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Shining Light on LEDs: Incorporating LEDs into your home design

So far in our “Shining Light on LEDs” blog series, we have covered the basics of LED lighting, as well as the energy saving benefits of these sources. Read on to discover the versatility of LEDs as we uncover the many ways you can incorporate LED lighting into your home design scheme. Progress Lighting makes […]

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Shining Light on LEDs: Energy Savings

With the rapid advancement of lighting technology, LEDs are quickly surpassing the efficiency of more traditional lighting, including fluorescent and incandescent sources. Progress Lighting offers LEDs that meet strict requirements for maximum energy savings and superior performance. When you select a high-quality LED fixture, you can expect a significant ROI from an energy conservation standpoint. […]

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Redefining the LED Landscape with P8022

Progress Lighting recently unveiled one of its most innovative LED designs – the new P8022 Series. The P8022 unites performance, cost and safety benefits for an LED solution unlike any other on the market. The first of its kind, the P8022 is designed for both surface mounted and recessed applications, while also eliminating the need […]

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Top 5 Lighting Trends

Better Homes and Gardens editor Sam Hart unpacks the Top 5 Lighting Trends in a recent video featuring several Progress Lighting designs. Watch the video for lighting inspiration, and scroll below to see how our most recent designs embrace these top trends. 1. LED: With the phasing out of traditional incandescent sources, LED has come […]

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Downsize or Remodel: Lighting matters as we age

According to a recent article in Builder Magazine, downsizing your home later in life is a transition that is better done sooner than later. Tom Lauricella reported this week in The Wall Street Journal’s Sunday edition that the advantages in moving early can be significant. Some of these include: Budgets. “In a larger home, expenses are […]

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3 tips to master the task of perfect kitchen lighting

Completing your everyday activities in the kitchen and other work areas can be difficult without the proper lighting. When your countertops and stoves are covered in shadows, your kitchen becomes accident-prone, difficult to move about and just overall, unpleasant. With these tips courtesy of our lighting design experts and inspiration from Better Homes and Garden, […]

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Getting Clear on Lighting with Lance Smith (Part 2)

Our own Lance Smith, Manager of Builder Sales and Marketing, recently contributed to Best Practices Research Alliance’s “Getting Clear on Lighting” series. Check out the informational Q&A in this multi-part blog! Q: In your experience, what are the most important challenges builders face in lighting? And what can they do to respond? A: Being off color. […]