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Weatherproof Covers

WHY EXTRA DUTY?   The 2014 National Electrical Code required 15 and 20 ampere, 125 and 250 volt installed in wet locations shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof whether or not the attachment plug cap is inserted. TayMac does their own set of testing before it goes to UL for their rigorous testing.

We perform cycle testing, accelerated aging and material uniformity testing, weatherproof rain and sprinkler testing, cold-impact testing, and hinge testing to name a few. All of our EXTRA DUTY products have met the UL 514D test requirement set by the National Electric Code.


TayMac offers a full breadth of products for your application needs



EXTRA DUTY® Cover Overview




Nonmetallic Covers

We offer a variety of weatherproof covers that will complete your home improvement project. Our product line includes MM420, MM720 Jumbo depth, MM2420 2-Gang, ML500 1-Gang Expandable, or ML2500 2-Gang series. To complete our EXTRA DUTY line of products, we offer CODEGUARD® kits that includes the cover and a WR/TR (weatherproof-resistant/tamper-resistant) GFCI or receptacle.


Metallic Covers

We offer a breadth of weatherproof covers that will be sutiable in a commercial application. Our product line includes device specific RaynGuard® products, MX, and low profile covers. Our products meet the EXTRA DUTY UL requirement and our covers have the patented Quick-Fit keyhole mounting system allowing cover installation under a minute.