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Healthcare Product Solutions

Dependable connections without interruption are critical in hospitals and healthcare. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers energy-efficient, code-compliant, quality healthcare wiring device solutions that keep patient and employee safety at the forefront.

Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Solutions

When hospitals and long-term care organizations have solutions they can count on, the focus turns to patient care and efficient workflow – not downtime, disruptions, or disconnections. This can make a life-saving difference, especially during times of crisis.


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Healthcare Market Products

Critical care spaces in a healthcare facility require 100% reliable power and data connections without interruptions. These demanding 24/7 environments encounter significant abuse such as abrupt plug removal and numerous insertions, being impacted with carts, beds and gurneys, exposure to harsh cleaning disinfectants—all of which can contribute to damage.

Hubbell products are put through comprehensive rigorous UL, CSA, TIA, IEEE and ETL testing, to meet requirements above and beyond the standards providing the industry with one of the highest performing most reliable devices.

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