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Prefabricated Solutions for Rough-in Ready Electrical Installations

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems provide Rough-in Ready Configurations for New Construction and Retrofitting Electrical Installations.

Hubbell’s Rough-in Ready® system of prefabricated electrical support products is ideal for projects requiring repetitive wiring installation. All pre-fabricated assemblies and cables are labeled to match a detailed layout drawing. Any electrical project will profit from a Rough-in Ready® system, but projects with many similar rooms provide the biggest benefit to the installer.


Hubbell Pre-wired Floor Box


  • Residential: Apartments, Military and Campus Housing, Condominiums
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Motels, Casino Resorts, Conference Centers
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living

Job Cost Savings

Potential Advantage on Bid Day Calculator

Job Cost Using the Rough-in Ready® System Job Cost if You Were to Hardwire the Same Openings
$69,832.00 Rough-in Ready® System Cost $36,789.43 Estimated Material Cost
401.29 Projected Installation Hours 2,205.70 Estimated Installation Hours
45.00 Contractor’s Fully Burdened Labor Rate 45.00 Contractor’s Fully Burdened Labor Rate
$87,889.00 Total Installed Job Cost $136,045.93 Total Installed Job Cost

Total Savings

Total Hours Saved: 1,804.41
Total Labor Saving: 81.81%
Total Job Cost Savings or Your Potential Advantage on Bid Day: $48,155.97
Total Percentage of Job Cost Savings: 35.40%

Hubbell Prefabricated Solutions

Hubbell Rough-in Ready® Ordering Process

  1. Contact your Hubbell sales representative and provide specifications and drawings for the project.
  2. Once quotation is accepted and purchase order is issued, Hubbell will provide a formal submittal for approval.
  3. Product will be delivered in clearly marked skids by floor and area, depending on your job site requirements.
Contact Sales Representative