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Primary Metering

Meter Ells/Loops

By AEC  
Catalog ID: 0000-0001
1/4" to 2"; from 5LT to #5 Sprague

Multi-Unit Residential/Commercial Manifolds

By AEC  
Catalog ID: FG6029-5-RL-NA
Manifold Split 5 RtoL Flow No Assembly

Pipe Nipples

By AEC  
Catalog ID: 0000-0002
ASTM Grade Threads

Prefabricated Commercial Meter Sets

By AEC  
Catalog ID: FG6939-1G
ZINC PLATED  Meter Set Bypass 45LT 11" C to C  With Threaded Inlet and Union Outlet

Prefabricated Residential Meter Sets

By AEC  
Catalog ID: FG5992-10-FIS
Meter Set Assembly R 100 1813B 5 PSIG Fisher Regulator 1-1/2 CS820-IR 1/4" Orifice 5 PSI Spring

Support Brackets

By AEC  
Catalog ID: FG2913-18
10" x 18" Bracket
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