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by Marianne Keith | Apr 06, 2017

We are pleased to announce that, on April 5, 2017, the Advance Engineering Corporation (AEC) and Perfect Pipe & Supply (PPS) brands joined the Hubbell family. They will now be part of HCE’s Hubbell Gas Connectors & Accessories Group (HGCA), along with Continental Industries, GasBreaker and RW Lyall.

“HGCA brands are the leaders in many product lines that serve the gas utility, propane and plumbing, and gas and water distribution industries,” commented Tim Hoagland, Vice President and General Manager, HGCA. “Their expertise in coating, welding, and nipple manufacturing will expand our offerings and help strengthen our position in commercial and residential gas applications.”

About AEC and PPS

Advance Engineering Corporation is a National Leader in providing the Natural Gas Industry market with fabricated meter sets and piping. Together with their sister company, Perfect Pipe & Supply, they provide the Gas Utilities Industry with fabrications starting in the Residential 250 Class arena and going up to Gate Station fabrication. They offer a complete line of fabricated Bypass Sets for all Diaphram and Rotary Meter configurations. In addition, AEC metal fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, welding (1104 Certified), drilling, tapping, sheet, plate and pipe bending and punching. We fabricate products for industries such as Dairy, Food, Agriculture, Medical and Aerospace, among others.