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Helical Piles & Anchors

CHANCE® Combination (SS-RS) Helical Cast Transition

The transition section adapts type square shaft (SS) helical lead sections to type round shaft (RS) extensions. The type RS-SS combination transition is used mainly in compression applications in areas where soft/loose soils are located above hard/ dense soils. The type RS material is less susceptible to buckling, provides greater lateral capacity, and greater moment capacity, than type SS material.

A square shaft lead will allow better penetration of the helices into hard/dense material than round shaft (RS). SS reduces the occurrence of “spin-out” (loss of thrust of helices).

Key Benefits

  • Tapered design allows for smoother transition
  • Reduced installing time (no tool change)
  • Transition matches torque and compression capacity of respective shafts
  • Standard hardware with SS extensions
  • Faster lead time and availability of SS
  • Meet project specifications with RS & SS
  • Spin-Out prevention
  • Inventory turnover by using existing SS leads
  • Major cost savings over old SS to RS transition

The design should be prepared by a registered professional engineer.