UH-32 Chain Drive Hose Reel


Gleason Reel

The Gleason Series U Hose Reel provides ultimate flexibility...larger diameter and/or wider spools, single or dual spring motors, chain drive where needed. In addition, the modular U-Reel design allows us to provide a custom hose reel for your application at the cost of an off-the-shelf unit. The rugged Series U Hose Reel, featuring a heavy frame with spool supported on dual over-sized bearings, can easily handle air, water or hydraulic hoses up to 1.5"I.D. The Series U Hose Reel is rated at 300 psi per standard hose and hose fittings but high pressure applications to 10,000 psi are possible with proper hardware.

  • Unique Modular Design
  • Rugged U-shaped frame
  • Dual supported spool on over-sized bearings
  • Optional Roller Guide accommodates a variety of mounting configurations
  • Increased Flexibility

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Heavy/Flexible General Purpose