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120kV DC Hipot Tester

By Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 8120-5PL-A

By Hipotronics
Catalog ID:  8120-5PL-A
The 8120-5PL-A is HIPOTRONICS' 120 kV DC Hipot solution for testing insulation strength of electrical apparatus. The controller is outfitted with a rugged field case and our high voltage transformer is inside a steel tank, making this unit ideal for field or factory use.
  • DC hipot tests up to 120kV at 5mA
  • Input 120V, 60Hz (230V, 50Hz available, contact sales)
  • Three range analog voltmeter
  • Four range analog current meter
  • Manual controlled only
  • Rugged design for field and factory use
  • Measures output voltage and leakage current
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly FR3 transformer oil
  • Metering accuracy +/- 2% of F.S.
  • Includes shielded output cable

Ideal for field testing applications, Automatic grounding of power supply and test object, when high voltage is turned OFF, Minimal setup time and simple control panel, Accurate current measurement and guard circuit, designed to eliminate stray leakage currents.

Environmental friendly FR3™ transformer, Rugged and portable construction, Shielded output cable, Full-wave voltage doubling rectifier, Zero start interlock and guard circuit, Internal discharge solenoid, Meter accuracy ± 2% full scale, 5-10 mA current rating, External interlock provisions, Three range voltage meter, Four range current meter, No internal leakage at full load, Instantaneous overload relay, Surge-limiting resistors in High Voltage output

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  • HHDA13-280 - Grounding stick, 120kV max voltage
  • SPK1-1820-5PL - Spare parts kits for 8120-5PL-A
  • Cables
  • Switchgear
  • Aerial lift devices
  • Motors and generators
  • Transformers
  • Other high voltage electrical apparatus

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  • IEC
  • IEEE

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