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Hubbell Products Mexico hereby submits to you this document "Returns and Credit Notes Policy" in order to clarify and define the way of operating between Hubbell Products Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. ("Hubbell") and You, "The Customer".

The term hereof is indefinite, until such time as the same is amended or revoked by Hubbell, effective January 1, 2020.

Hubbell reserves the right to modify, amend or revoke this policy at any time. In the event of any changes or modifications to this document, the modified version will be posted with the changes included. Customer shall be deemed to have impliedly consented to the terms and conditions of this policy (and any amendments thereto) if Customer places any purchase order for the purchase of Hubbell products upon the posting of this document (or any amendments thereto) on the corporate website.

Returns and Credit Notes Policy, Effective Jan 01, 2020.


Standard Returns and Credit Notes

The purpose of this document is to establish a set of requirements for the handling of requests derived from a merchandise return and/or Credit Note application and thus obtain an optimal level of customer satisfaction.

The requirements outlined in this document are mandatory for compliance.

Overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with these requirements is assigned to Customer Service with support from Supply Chain, Quality and Sales.



As a general principle, Hubbell Products Mexico DOES NOT accept returns except for the requirements and provisions described below :


Types of Returns

For the purposes of this policy, returns of material are classified as follows :

  • Return for Quality

  • Return due to Error


Return for Quality (product defect) : When the product presents a non-compliance in its performance or discrepancies according to the technical specifications.

The following are the reasons for acceptance :

  • Manufacturing Defects (Product): Product with characteristics outside the specifications of the technical sheet.

  • For Presentation: Discrepancy between packaging description and product content, Missing in closed box, Illegible or incorrect label.

Return for Errors : This may occur when Hubbell personnel do not meet the customer's requirement vs. their purchase orders.

The following are the grounds for acceptance :

  • Customer Service Errors.

  • Incorrect data entry in system vs. customer's purchase order.

  • Duplicate order by our customer service representative.

  • Distribution Center Errors.

  • Incorrect assortment of material vs. invoiced.


Inspection Obligation and Return Time Limits

Customer agrees to inspect the products delivered by Hubbell Products Mexico within a commercially reasonable period from delivery, which may not exceed the business days specified as the maximum days allowed for the claim according to the grounds described above from receipt. The following is the maximum number of days allowed for the Customer to make a return request, depending on the type. Days from the date of receipt of the material at your facilities (working days).

  • Manufacturing defects: 60 days

  • Product out of specification of technical data sheet : 15 days

  • Presentation : 30 days

  • Customer Service/Distribution Center Errors : 2 days


Return Requirements and Conditions :

All returns will be reviewed and to be effective, if applicable there must be written proof of the pre-authorized return against invoice by the Customer Service person responsible for the account in question. It will be made available within the time limits mentioned in this policy.

In all cases of returned merchandise, the Customer Service person responsible for the account must issue written approval of the return. Such approval must be sent to the customer prior to any return of material. It shall not exceed 2 business days for resolution.

In the event of an unfavorable response, the Customer Service representative shall also issue a written resolution and the reasons for the resolution within 2 business days of sending it to the customer.

All returned merchandise is subject to an approval flow to document the authorizations of specific areas in the process.

All material that is received at the Distribution Center as a result of a return must be in perfect condition: closed boxes, original boxes/containers, optimal sales conditions and must comply 100% with Hubbell's standards and technical specifications.

The Returns Supervisor at our Distribution Center will evaluate the condition in which the materials are received and based on this evaluation, the material may be accepted or rejected. In case of rejection, the goods will be returned to the customer and the corresponding NC will not be issued.


Credit Notes

For purposes of this Policy, credit notes will be granted for the following items :

  • For differences in Prices.

  • For missing boxes at the time of delivery vs. invoiced material.

  • For missing parts in closed boxes.


Credit Notes for Price Differences :

When invoiced for a different amount than indicated on the Purchase Order.

The above will NOT apply when orders are uploaded and confirmed via "My Hubbell". If you find that the amounts in the portal do not correspond to those indicated on the order, please do not confirm the entry and instead send it to your sales representative for validation.


For shortages vs. invoiced material :

Applies when the invoiced material does not correspond to the material delivered in its entirety.


For shortages in a closed box :

When in a closed package, the customer notices a shortage in the box at the time of opening it.


Credit Note Application Deadlines :
  • The following is the maximum number of days allowed for the Customer to request a Credit Note, depending on the type. Days from the date of receipt of the material at your facilities (Business Days)

  • Credit Notes for Price Differences: 2 Days

  • Credit Notes for shortages vs. invoiced material: 2 Days

  • Credit Notes for shortages in closed box: 30 Days

  • Any request submitted after the established time will be considered as not accepted.


Credit Note Requirements and Conditions :

All Credit Note requests must be submitted to your Customer Service representative for review within the time frame set forth above. In all cases, the Customer Service account manager must issue a written resolution within 2 business days of submission.

All Credit Notes are subject to an approval flow to document the authorizations of specific areas in the process. Credit Note requests received through the Accounts Receivable team after the expiration of the deadlines established for their submission will not be considered valid.


Limitation of Liability

Except where prohibited by law, Hubbell shall not be liable for damages whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, contractual (including loss of profits, revenue or business) arising out of or relating to any Hubbell product, the relationship of the parties, the distributorship agreement between them, or the termination or non-renewal thereof.