Purchase Order Entry Policy

Purchase Order Entry Policy


At Hubbell we are sure that the key to success and growth is the right combination of products and services offered to the market, as well as such as distribution channels and our business partners. We are a company focused on our customers, providing real solutions for the optimal performance of their activities.

It is our intention to form ties with those companies committed to ethics, honesty and service; that contribute to the achievement of our objectives and with which we establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships. That is why we are submitting to you this document “Terms and Conditions of Entry of purchase orders” de Hubbell, in order to clarify and define the way of operating between Hubbell Products México, S. de R.L. of C.V. (“Hubbell”) and You, (“The Client”). In the event that any provision contained in this policy conflicts with the terms and conditions of sale of Hubbell products as stated in the documents identified as “Purchase Order Acknowledgment”; (“Sales Order Acknowledgment” according to its title in English), the terms of the latter will prevail over the provisions of this policy.

Hubbell reserves the right to modify, amend, or revoke this policy at any time. In case of any change or modification to this document, it will be published. the modified version with the corresponding changes included. You will be the Client as tacitly consenting to the terms and conditions of this policy (and any modifications to it) in the event that “The Client” Place any purchase order for the acquisition of Hubbell products from the publication on the corporate page of this document (or its modifications).

The validity of this document is indefinite, until it is modified or revoked by Hubbell, taking January 1, 2020 as the first effective day.

Terms and Conditions of Entry of purchase orders for “The Client” Effective Jan 01, 2020.

Terms and Conditions of our products
Product Types

Hubbell offers you 2 types of products which are classified as follows :

  • Line Products (stock) or MTS (“A”, B”): are those that Hubbell offers to the extent possible to have in stock to deliver to “The Client”. These products will be available at the Hubbell distribution center for delivery against confirmation of purchase order and shipping date.
  • Products that are only manufactured under purchase order or MTO (“C”, “M”) : Are those products that Hubbell offers to “The Customer” with specific characteristics that are manufactured under the customer's request, whose delivery time will depend on the customer's requirements. from the supply source. This information should always be verified with your sales representative prior to entering the PO.
Delivery Times :
  • MTS “A” : maximum 7 business days at the time of confirmation of entry of the purchase order into the system (subject to availability and whose volume does not exceed the average demand). In case of not having inventory, check delivery time with your sales representative and/or customer service correspondent.
  • MTS “B” : maximum 10 business days at the time of confirmation of entry of the purchase order to the system (subject to availability and whose volume does not exceed the average demand). In case of not having inventory, check delivery time with your sales representative and/or customer service correspondent.
  • MTO “C” & “M” : Variable delivery time. The delivery time will be confirmed at time of quoting by sales representative. This will start counting from the entry of the purchase order into the system.

In all of the above cases, it is important to consider that the delivery times committed by Hubbell must be confirmed in writing and from the Customer Service area (Customer Service Representative).

Entry of Purchase Orders
Minimum Purchase Order Amount

The minimum for each order is 10,000 MXN or its equivalent in dollars plus VAT, considering distribution discounts and/or promotions. All orders must be placed in closed boxes and product minimums according to the Hubbell sales unit, which is shown in the corresponding price lists (MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity) subject to other specifications. n and/or restriction.

Purchase Orders entered by “My Hubbell”

It is “Hubbell” promote the capture of the majority of the orders that are registered in the system through the company portal "My Hubbell", being the clients the ones who must enter their orders directly.

For this purpose, all orders that customers enter through this means must comply with the requirements described in the GUIDELINES OF THIS POLICY.

We ask you to ensure the following points :

  • If any general data does not coincide with your own requirements (for example: net prices, delivery address, type of currency, packaging or quantity, etc.), we ask you to NO confirm said order. and instead send it to your sales representative for review.
  • When there are entries with special clauses that need to be validated (example: quality certificates, LAPEM, etc.), please enter with the "block for review" option.
  • If the addition of clauses by customer service is necessary, we ask you to carry out the same activity of the previous paragraph and confirm these to your customer service representative.
  • If the order is confirmed in the portal with some difference, cancellations or returns cannot be accepted, as well. such as the issuance of credit notes, which derive from said differences.
Manual Purchase Orders

In case you cannot enter your electronic orders through "My Hubbell" and in order to process purchase orders effectively, we ask you to provide all the necessary data in each of the orders sent to Sales and Customer Service.

Purchase orders, once validated by your sales representative, must be sent by email for manual entry.

In order to guarantee the security and veracity of the information, only orders received from the following sources will be processed :

  • Purchase order from "The Client" from a validated email.
  • Purchase order from the sales representative, as long as it is a copy in the shipment "The Client".

Minimum Requirements for Purchase Orders :

  • Business name of “Hubbell”
  • Company Name of “The Client”
  • Delivery Address of "The Client" (Address enabled in our system)
  • Full date (day, month, year)

Product Information :

  • Nomenclature and/or description of the correct product(s) according to the current price list and/or quotation
  • Required quantity
  • Sales unit
  • Current quotation or promotion number for the price of the required product(s) (if applicable)
  • In your case, and according to the product classification (“A & B”, or “C & M”), the quantity of products requested must coincide with the quantity indicated in the current packaging size.
  • Current Unit Price (authorized by sales)
  • Total Amount of the Item
  • Total amount of the order including VAT
  • Billing currency
  • Special delivery specifications (Example: Safety equipment, necessary documentation, etc.)

Specific requirements (only if applicable):

  • A: Inspection notice
  • B: Delivery time confirmed by sales
  • C: Quality Certificates
  • D: Complete deliveries (both in order and in batches)

Appointments for delivery, specific days for it.

In the event that "The Client" does not meet some of the requirements stipulated for the purchase order, Customer Service will request via email the need to complete the information in order to process the requested products.

Purchase Order Confirmation

Once the purchase order has been entered and confirmed in our system, either through the "My Hubbell" portal or manually by our Customer Service team, a "Purchase Order Acknowledgment" ("Sales Order Acknowledgment” according to its title in English) will be generated automatically and sent to the email address that is registered in our database as a contact to receive invoices.

Purchase Order Tracking
Modification of Orders

The products requested in the purchase order will be the total of products to be considered, no additions, annexes or modifications are allowed in the original order once it has been sent and received by customer service or confirmed in "My Hubbell". Any items to be added subsequent to the order process will be considered separate orders and subject to the shipping policy and purchase order minimums.


Cancellations of items or complete orders once entered into the system are NOT allowed. Any entry, whether manual or through “My Hubbell”, will be considered correct once it is confirmed.

Consider it extremely important to validate 100% of the Purchase Order in "My Hubbell" prior to its confirmation in the portal. Discounts, promotions or subsequent adaptations will NOT apply. If there is any difference between what is shown on the portal vs your requirements, we ask you not to confirm/enter and send immediately to your sales representative for validation.

Back Order

It is Hubbell's policy to ship partial quantities in both orders and batches and to hold the balance in Back Order for shipment at a later date. If "The Client" requires a single shipment per order, please indicate "full shipment" in your purchase order. In the same way, it applies if you require the complete shipment of a specific item.

Issuance of Orders

In the event that the Customer occasionally needs to request the shipment of product before time and in an effort to satisfy the exceptional situations of the customer, Hubbell defines them as “Expedited Order”. For such situations, shipments or special shipments outside the established delivery time of arrival of material and/or shipment, it will be "The Client" who will cover the cost of said shipment. The cost will be provided by customer service and billed under the concept of "Logistical Expenses".

Hubbell does not guarantee that product inventory will be available at the time of order. When the Client requests air or dedicated shipping for products that are in Back Log available and this is within the committed delivery time, the cost will be absorbed by the Client and invoiced by Hubbell under the concept of “Logistical Expenses”.

Make to Order products have variable delivery times. The expediting request for these materials may vary according to the product. Contact your Customer Service Representative for assistance on the status of Make to Order products and the probability of expediting.

General Logistics Guidelines
Transportation and Shipping Terms

Hubbell makes product shipments in a regionally scheduled manner, being these from Monday to Friday. According to the area where "The Client" is located, the days and closing times of the shipment run may change.

The boarding / shipment process is consolidated, from door to door, free of maneuvers and the delivery of material will be against invoice. In the event of a requirement other than that described above, it will be necessary to make a request through a "Customer Requirements" process. To learn more about this process, contact your Customer Service Representative or Sales Representative.

Shipping Times for Delivery

UOnce the order has been shipped, the delivery time for the CDMX and the Metropolitan Area will be a maximum of 2 business days (48 hours), while for foreign areas it will be 3 to 5 days (72 to 96 hours) according to the delivery area. Once the material has been invoiced, the day of delivery cannot be altered or extended.

Shipping Address

The delivery address indicated by the Client in the purchase order will be the address where Hubbell will make the delivery of the requested material. Hubbell does not allow changes of address or movements of transport units to another address that does not correspond to the one indicated on the issued invoice.

Order Picking

In the event that "The Client" for his own convenience decides to pick up the material at the Hubbell warehouse, he must expressly request customer service at least 24 hours in advance so that the necessary provisions are made and the delivery is coordinated. delivery under the guidelines established for it.

Certificates / Product Specifications

If the client requires any type of certificate or product specification, it must be requested in the Purchase Order and its availability will be confirmed prior to its acceptance.

Limitation of Liability

Except where prohibited by law, Hubbell shall not be liable for any damages regardless of direct, indirect, special, consequential, contractual (including lost profits, revenue or business) arising out of or in connection with any Hubbell product. Hubbell, the relationship of the parties, the distribution agreement between them, or the termination or non-renewal thereof.