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Acme Electric's Amveco brand specializes in the design and construction of class-leading toroid magnetics, for the most challenging applications, including the medical and communications industry.


Toroidal Solution



Small Size

Most toroids are smaller than their E-I transformer counter- parts. They are particularly well suited where low height is a consideration.

Low Stray Magnetic Field

Toroids have no air gaps since the primaries and secondaries are wound uniformly around the entire core. As a result, toroids emit very low radiated magnetic fields. This makes the toroid ideal for applications involving high sensitivity circuitry.

Low Mechanical Hum

The core of a toroid is formed from a single strip of grain- oriented electrical grade silicon steel tightly wound in the form of a clock spring with the ends spot-welded in place. The copper wire is wound over polyester film, forming a silent, stable unit without the use of environmentally unfriendly glues or varnishes.

Low Weight

Toroids weigh up to 50% less, than conventional laminated transformers thanks to their higher efficiency levels. Low weight simplifies end product design by reducing mounting hardware and supporting enclosure requirements.

Low No-Load Losses

Compared to conventional E-I transformers, toroids exhibit extremely low no-load losses. In applications where a circuit is in a “stand-by” mode for long periods, the potential cost reduction for power can be significant, sometimes 80-90%.

High Efficiency

Due to its unique construction, toroids are typically between 15 and 30% more efficient than the conventional type.

Low Operating Temperature

Since most of the losses in a toroid are copper wire, the toroid cools off quicker than the conventional E-I type with more iron. At half the load, the toroid’s temperature rise is only about 30% of what it is at full load.

Easy To Mount

A single-center screw easily and quickly mounts the toroid, avoiding costly mechanical design and practical problems associated with conventional E-I-laminated transformers.