Redesigned. Optimized. Powered and ready to go.

Hubbell Connect is your new one-stop-shop for all facets of interacting with Hubbell. Check pricing. Check stock. Enter orders. You can now do this in one easy solution across all Hubbell business groups.

Access to the entire Hubbell family of brands

Expand your business offerings with Hubbell’s portfolio of over 81 brands and 130,000 products.

Manage multiple sold to accounts in one location

Universal inventory management helps keep track of where your stock is.

Order tracking with real-time status updates

Get accurate real-time estimates every step of the way from the warehouse to the customer.

24/7 professional customer support

Get answers fast and keep your business growing. Our expert team is committed to helping you.

Who is Hubbell Connect for? Everyone.

We’ve designed Hubbell Connect with our diverse set of B2B partners in mind. Whether you represent Burndy or Hubbell Power Systems, your experience on Hubbell Connect will be consistent across the board. We’ve standardized terminology and functionality across the application, so no matter what you need to do, you’ll do it the same way – every time.

With Hubbell Connect, you can easily access pricing information at your fingertips. No more manual searching or time-consuming phone calls. Our portal provides real-time, up-to-date pricing data, ensuring you have the most accurate information to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to pricing errors and hello to increased profitability!

Stocking information has never been easier to manage. Hubbell Connect enables you to view comprehensive inventory details from a wide network of stocking locations. No more guesswork or wasted efforts – save valuable time and streamline your process effortlessly. Looking to reference quotes quickly? Hubbell Connect's built-in quote lookup feature allows you to see quote information in a matter of seconds.

Track your orders with ease and stay updated on their status throughout the entire fulfillment process. Hubbell Connect provides you with real-time order tracking, giving you complete visibility into your shipments. Know when orders are processed, shipped, and delivered, and keep your customers informed every step of the way. Deliver exceptional service and build strong customer relationships.