Custom magnetics for OEM solutions

Shorten your design cycle and enhance the performance of your custom magnetics. Our tailored magnetic solutions empower original equipment manufacturers to craft products that exceed the expectations of their customers and the markets they serve.

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Your OEM partner for the entire custom design process

Leverage our diverse and experienced engineering team throughout the entire design process. From concept to prototyping, testing and delivery, Acme provides seamless support for the product development cycle.

Design ideation & engineering developmentSTEP 1

Design ideation & engineering development

We craft durable custom magnetic solutions that exceed your application and performance requirements.

Prototyping & testingSTEP 2

Prototyping & testing

Your design is refined through our rapid prototyping and testing capabilities. Our U.S. based engineering lab thoroughly tests and evaluates your products before they are released to production.

Sourcing & manufacturingSTEP 3

Sourcing & manufacturing

Leverage the reliability of high-quality materials expertly sourced to match your project and budget. Our global manufacturing facilities and robust buying power ensure you have access to a wealth of custom capabilities and options.

Ongoing application support STEP 4

Ongoing application support

Our engineering team collaborates with you through delivery and installation to ensure products always function to their full potential.

Single source supplier for OEMs

Choose from a wide variety of custom magnetic products built to provide the performance and dependability your customers expect. Get in touch with our team today for product support.

With a core competency in coil winding, we excel in developing quality solutions for bobbin wound, toroidal and core and coil designs for electronic and power applications.

We design and construct high grade, efficient toroidal magnetics to power quality and medical-grade equipment in the most challenging environments. Our toroids operate within varying noise, efficiency, temperature, mechanical envelop, and weight specifications.

We offer custom coils ranging from small bobbin wound to larger potted coils. Whether you are looking for coils to power your actuator and circuit breakers or high powered coils for large electrical applications, we can design and build a solution that meets your needs.

Power or protect your DC and AC motor drives from unwanted current fluctuation with our custom line of inductors, chokes, and reactors.

Offered in 1 and 3 Phase configurations and NEMA 3R enclosures, Acme's encapsulated transformer line is ideal for heavy industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor applications. For harsher environments, we offer Class I Div. II transformers. All encapsulated units can be configured to meet your specific electrical and mechanical application needs.

Eliminate unwanted noise and electromagnetic interference with active and passive filters built for both high and low frequency applications.

Magnetic solutions tailored to your needs

Enjoy the accessibility of custom magnetics engineered to meet industry-specific and compliance regulations.


Physical specifications

Our magnetic products can be optimized to meet size and weight requirements for even the most constrained areas.


Mechanical envelope & mounting options

We offer custom mechanics designed to meet your mechanical envelope and mounting requirements.



Experience the peace of mind that comes with magnetic solutions designed and manufactured to meet your specifications and comply with industry standards, including UL, CSA, IEC and IEEE.


Temperature rise & noise levels

We manufacture magnetic solutions designed for your specific temperature and noise requirements.


Electrical parameters

Choose from a variety of power rating, voltage, and frequency options that offer seamless integration into existing systems.


Performance metrics

Harness the power of exceptional product performance with custom magnetics and transformers built to meet your specific harmonic, inrush and impedance requirements.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Our products ensure precise, reliable power delivery for industrial and commercial businesses across the globe.


Increase reliability and reduce downtime in data centers


Match renewable energy resources to the grid


Eliminate current and voltage distortion in EV charging stations


Reduce unwanted heat generation for drives and power electronics


Harness reliable power in the oil and gas industries


Assist HVAC systems in meeting IEEE519 standards


Ensure safe power supply in medical environments


Minimize shock and vibration in aerospace and military vehicles

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