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Specifically designed to accommodate the special voltage and kVA sizes unique to AC and DC drive applications. Shielded for extra protection from supply line transients.

Drive Isolation Transformer


·UL Type 3R Enclosures with Weather Shield on Ventilated Units (above 20 kVA). Type 2 Enclosure without weather shield. UL Listed and CSA certified. 7.5-20.0 kVA are encapsulated, UL 3R

·3-Phase 60 Hertz

·180°C and 220°C insulation systems

·Encapsulated and ventilated designs. All ventilated units are of strip wound construction. Acme's reinforced core assemblies enhance quiet operation. Nominally 6% impedance

Drive Isolation Transformer


·Designed for use with AC adjustable frequency or DC drives

·Full capacity taps are featured on all units. On 27 through 880 kVA units, taps are 2-21 /2% ANFC and 2-21 /2% BNFC

·Full range of kVA ratings covers all standard drive systems

·Ample wiring compartment for easy cable entry

·Optional wall mounting brackets for certain sizes