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I.S Intercom - ABMA3-1 - Austdac

By Austdac Pty Ltd 

Catalog ID: ABMA3-1

By Austdac Pty Ltd
Catalog ID:  ABMA3-1
Provides audio communications under harsh conditionsPre-start alarm functionBattery backed operationRuggedised microphoneSeveral ABMA3-1 intercoms can be distributed along a conveyor belt at fixed distances apart to provide complete sound coverage along the conveyor. During a pre-start sequence the intercom sounds the pre-start alarm through its two sideways facing speakers. These same speakers, along with a microphone mounted in the front panel are used to carry out a half duplex voice conversation with other intercoms on the conveyor or a BMA exchange operator at the surface.The intercom type ABMA3-1 has three front panel mounted push buttons, a front panel microphone and two side-mounted speakers. A conversation with another worker along the conveyor belt can be initiated by pressing the call local button once or several times. The call local button is used to signal or attract the attention of workers along the conveyor. The call local button can be pressed and released to sound a series of beeps along the conveyor.The patterns and meaning of these beeps can be used to transmit messages to others along the belt. The call exchange button is pressed to attract the attention of the BMA exchange operator at the surface. Once the operator has acknowledged the call, then further instructions or requests can be given from the intercom.
  • Provides audio communications under harsh conditions
  • Pre-start alarm function
  • Battery backed operation
  • Ruggedised microphone

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