austdac Mine telephone a103M

The A103 telephone is an intrinsically safe telephone designed for use in mining applications. It has been design to be a direct replacement for the now obsolete A101 and A102 telephone.

The A103 telephone comprises of a carbon loaded glass filled polyester telephone encased in a metallic surround which also contain the customer termination box referred to as the terminal chamber throughout this document.

Note: The A103 telephone contains a BP004 which is an ATEX/IECEx certified rechargeable battery only for use in GAI-Tronics telephones. This battery will be disconnected upon despatch from the factory and will therefore need to be reconnected during the installation process.

  • The 103 combines the features of the 101 and 102 phones
  • Handset press switch controls call, call hangs up if switch released
  • Programmable Emergency Button can provide either a tone or dialled number (e.g.555)
  • Longer handset curly cord
  • High intensity Ring indicating Strobe fitted to the front of the phone
  • Loudspeakers fitted for louder ringing volume (95dB+) and public address announcements from Phone Manager

Note: The A103 Mine Telephone must be used with the Austdac ST2 Telephone System.  The A103 cannot be directly connected to a PSTN line.

st2 telephone exchange interface barrier

  • Increased capacity 80 phones in a single 2m high rack
  • Shelf kit supports 10 barriers and 20 phones
  • No limit to the max number of shelf kits per system (additional racks required)
  • 2 to 3 phones in party line connection. Recommended for short line operation
  • Emergency handset plug fitted to front of each barrier
  • Max line length of 10 km on twisted 0.9mm screened telephone cable
  • Interface to Phone manager GUI
  • Software controlled maintenance package, shows current drawn, voltage, phone in use, emergency call, missing phone

BMA exchange


  • Telephone operator handset or desk top station
  • GUI display touch screen optional
  • Interfaces to fibre optical cables, Ethernet
  • Multi systems on the one GUI, up to 5 systems
  • Intergration with 3CX windows PABX
  • Key pad BMA stations
  • Interface to two way radio leaky feeder