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The Lighting and Power Unit Type LPU57 is a series of stainless steel metal enclosures fitted with power input connectors and output connectors. The LPU57 is designed to house suitably certified equipment such as the Austdac AC36W and other permissible modules.The LPU57 is available as a 1, 2 or 4 module unit. These are identified as LPU57-1, LPU57-2 and LPU57-4.The LPU57 has two integral mounting flanges, screw fastened removable cover, various combinations of power feeder gland ports or connectors and output I.S. connector ports. The interior of the LPU57 has sufficient volume to house an Austdac suitably certified module such as the Type AC36W power supply. The LPU57 has an ingress protection rating of IP66.Power is provided to the enclosed power supply or permissible module via suitable explosion protected cables passed through Ex e gland or Ex de connector mounted in the wall of the LPU57 enclosure. A second Ex e gland or Ex de connector is provided to allow power to be looped in and out of several LPU57 enclosures. Terminal blocks are provided within the LPU57 to terminate incoming and outgoing power feeder cables as well as terminating power input connections of the permissible module. The maximum current in the feeder cable is limited to 35 amperes.The exterior and interior of the LPU57 enclosure are provided with earth studs to allow connection of earthing facilities to maintain the certification and installation requirements of the separately certified permissible module or power supply unit.

  • Series of stainless steel metal enclosures
  • Flexible combinations of power input and output connections
  • 1, 2 or 4 power supply versions
  • Ingress protection rating of IP66