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The HubBus Remote Isolation Indicator Type HBRII is part of the HubBus field bus range of products. The DIN rail mounted HBRII provides four LED indicator outputs that can be controlled from the HubBus field bus network.The HBRII can receive from just 1 through to all 2048 valid HubBus channels to control the four indicator outputs directly or via complex multi-term logic functions. The remote isolation indicator has four indicator outputs controlled by up to six logic resolvers capable of implementing OR, AND, NOR and NAND logic functions on all valid HubBus digital channel states including ON, OFF and FAULT. Each resolver has an independently configurable output ON and OFF delay filter to allow implementation of simple timer functions. The state of each logic function can also drive a user configured HubBus channel.Any of the HBRII parameters can be conveniently configured using the battery powered HubBus Handheld Universal Programmer and Tester, Type HHP1-H.

HubBus Remote Isolation Indicator - Austdac

  • IEC61508 Certified by TÜV
  • Four indicator outputs
  • Current monitoring for fault detection
  • Six logic resolvers
  • Externally powered
  • Configurable output levels