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The new Weather Tight Retrofit is perfect for hard to access standard location areas where LED Lighting is needed. Also available for Hazardous Locations


The new Weather Tight Retrofit is perfect for hard to access standard location areas where LED lighting is needed. Also available for Hazardous Locations

Weather Tight Retrofit

Quickly retrofit a Killark, Crouse, Thomas & Betts, or Appleton incandescent jelly jar to bright energy efficient LED

Easily connects to existing splicebox using the medium base socket and globe threads.



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Weather Tight Retrofit

The Product

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Cost Saving Benefits

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Weather Tight Retrofit.





    Suitable for wet locations
    Enclosure Type 3, 4


      Durable, copper-free aluminum body with impact resistant polycarbonate lens


    Agriculture and Food Processing


“ The Weather Tight Retrofit allows you to upgrade your standard location utility lighting to a bright, energy efficient LED in less than 60 seconds ”

Sean Rogers, Lighting Product Manager – Killark




Installation & Features

The Weather Tight Retrofit easily upgrades competitors or Killark’s own fixtures in just three easy steps, all while maintaining existing standard location certifications.
  • Step One : Remove

    Unthread and recycle the guard, globe, and bulb of the old fixture.
  • Step Two : Connect

    Thread the base into the socket, snap together the quick disconnect to electrically attach the WTR.
  • Step Three : Enjoy

    Thread the WTR into the globe threads and enjoy the energy efficient LED!




    Universal Retrofit

    Adaptable with Appleton V-51

    Cooper Crouse-Hinds V Series

    Thomas & Betts Red-Dot V

    Killark V Series

Universal Retrofit

    Saves Time

    Upgrade your existing incandescent vapor tight lighting fixtures to LED in under 60 seconds.

Saves Money

Energy efficient LED uses 90% less power than conventional lighting fixtures.

Saves Money

    Easy Install

    No tools required for installation. If you can thread in a lightbulb you can install this retrofit!

Also Available in Hazardous Locations

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