Custom Engineering and Design Solutions

Save time and simplify designing & ordering bespoke Hazcon Control Stations and EXB/EXBLT explosion proof enclosures.

With BoxHubb and ControlHubb you can precisely configure features such as operators, windows, and entries while generating a real-time image of the product. Create tailored designs with our easy to use, free software. Generate and download drawings to simplify your ordering.

  • Free to Access and Use
  • Download bespoke designs
  • Error Free 2D and 3D models ready in minutes
  • Export drawings in PDF or DWG and STP CAD formats
  • Receive a full bill of materials with your drawings


Make ordering from us even easier with our fast and accurate app for our Hazcon line of Control Stations


Easily configure EXB/EXBLT explosion proof enclosures with our fast and accurate app which allows the user to add features such as operators, windows, drains/breathers, and entries.

Note: Only Supported on PCs using Google Chrome