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As LED adoption matures, preferences for LED Color Temperatures have emerged

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  • Certified Product Series

    VM4L – Highbay / Lowbay Lighting
    LAL & L1L - Linear Lighting
    KFL – Floodlight


    The 3000K LEDs are inherently less efficacious than their 5000K counterparts, however some customers prefer the warmer color.


    Paint Spray Booths
    Chemical Facilities
    Waste Water Facilities
    Pipeline Pump Stations
    Ammunition Facilities
    Paint Manufacturing Plants
    Oil & Gas Refineries
    Fuel Transfer Facilities


“Since the launch of Killark’s first LED product, we have only ever offered 5000K but today we are re-launching many of our primary product lines to include the warmer color temperature that some customers prefer”

Sean Rogers, Lighting Product Manager – Killark




More Color Temperature Options

Giving customers the high efficacy and quality that they have come to expect from Killarks' LED fixtures with the warm LED color temperature that they prefer. The 3000K more closely matches the output of an incandescent fixture and some customers prefer it to the cooler 5000K when in dusty environments or simply because they just like the warmer color.

Color-coded grommets

Paint Spray Area Suitability

On our Linear Lighting products, we have decided to offer the slightly cooler 3500K variant with a 90CRI chip. This is specifically designed for areas that require high color fidelity, like inspection areas or paint spray. The higher CRI chip allows subtle variations in the color of an object to be noticed.