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MC2X Series

The new solution to barrier cable glands


MC2X Series is a new hazardous rated barrier gland with a revolutionary disc brush dam to accommodate a pour resin solution.



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Special Features

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    Class I, Div. 1&2, Groups A, B, C, D
    Class II, Div. 1&2, Groups E,F, G
    Class III
    Class 1, Zones 1 & 2, groups IIC Zone 20
    Type 3,4X,6 IP66 IPx8 6ft/1hr
    Ta -50C to +60C
  • Material

    See SDS Sheet for Details.


    Ethanol Plants
    Chemical Facilities
    Waste Water Facilities
    Oil and Gas Refineries



"MC2X series new resin barrier gland allows for fast and easy install. We didn’t create the cable gland…we just made it better"

Michael Schinner, Fittings Product Manager – Killark




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Installation & Features

Cable Types

The MC2X series is certified with multiple cable types


Metal Clad Is a factory assembly of one or more insulated circuit conductors enclosed in an armor of interlocking metal tape. MC and MC-HL is usually protected by a layer of PVC jacket along the outside of the armor for corrosive environments.


TECK or TECK 90 is a CSA approved cable that is found in single and multiple conductor constructions with an inner jacket, aluminum or steel interlock armor with a PVC coated outer jacket.


Tray cable is a non-armored versatile cable approved for installation in cable trays or raceways. It comes in multiconductor and multipair styles that can be used for powering numerous types of equipment. It can be used in wet or dry locations, indoors and outside, and shielded or left out in the open.

Slick New Design

MC2X series new design allows for better ingress protection with IP66 and IPX8 Submersion proof!

Resin Solutions

MC2X series is suitable for use with everyone’s favorite CELOX™ single barrel tube and now with Hawke Express single hand syreigne style injection cartridges.

No Mixing

Let the nozzle do all the work. Its pateneted deisgin mixes the two resins for fast and consistent flow.

Revolutionary Dam

The difference is clear, with our new patent pending disc brush damming solution offers better resin seepage protection. The nylon fibers fall in between the conductors.

Various Resin Sizes

Hawke EXpress is available in 3 convienent sizes, 14ml, 24ml, and 50ml. For larger glands or large quantity gland prepping, use the CELOX 250ml single barrel cartridge size.

Saves Time

Unlike our competitions and tradtional methods, there is no mixing or prepping the compound. The static nozzle does all the work and is ready to pour in seconds.

Saves Money

Our new resin solutions saves waste and set-up time as each tube is reasuable saving indirect labor time and cost.

Easy Install

Once the cable and gland is prepped, the resin solutions takes seconds to install and just minutes to cure. Energize the same day!

Faster Cure Time

The new formula has an increased cure time up to almost 75% faster than the traditional handmix putty.


Sealing Methods

MC2X now offers a quick liquid resin as a solution to create barrier dam but still allows the traditional putty to be used