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MP15 Jockey Pump Controller - Service Entrance Rated

By Metron/Metron-Eledyne 

Catalog ID: HCMPS15

By Metron/Metron-Eledyne
Catalog ID:  HCMPS15
The MP15 Jockey (or make-up) Pump Controllers are in the same system as the main fire pump controller(s). Their purpose is to maintain normal water pressure and to help prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump(s). Metron/Metron-Eledyne’s Model MP15 Jockey Pump is small, lightweight, technologically advanced microprocessor based controller intended for across-the-line starting of squirrel cage motors. MP15 Controllers are for fire protection system applications where it is desirable to maintain uniform system water pressure by the use of an automatic pressure maintenance pump. The MP15 Jockey Pump Controller serves over-all system efficiency by detecting minor fire protection water system leakage. By bringing jockey or make-up pumps on line, they maintain pressure within set point limits without unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump.
  • Solid State contactor drive for increased reliability
  • Field updatable via USB
  • Multilingual
  • System pressure readout without opening the door
  • Combination motor protector through door disconnect provides overload and short circuit protection without fuses
  • Horsepower rated motor starter
  • HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch
  • Minimum Run timer
  • Pump Start Delay timer
  • Power Available LED
  • Pump Running LED
  • Event history Data log
  • Door mounted backlit LCD display/user interface with adjustable back lighting
  • Control transformer
  • Diagnostic LED’s
  • 0-600 PSI Transducer

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