About Us

Since 1967, Metron and Metron Eledyne have been leading global providers of fire pump controllers. These products are used in commercial, residential and industrial buildings, oil and gas plants and petrochemical facilities.


Metron and Metron Eledyne's highly experienced engineering staff are experts in power engineering, controller design, custom package design as well as microprocessor and electrical control-logic product development. Both companies are experts in the application of circuit breakers, audible and visual alarm systems, sequencing and alternating functions timing devices, protective components and in the design, manufacture and finishing of many types of enclosures. By combining skilled workers, superior facilities and the latest equipment, these companies are able to maintain an unprecedented level of quality and consistency throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Exceeding Standards

Metron and Metron Eledyne's state of the art engineering and assembly facilities are located in Archdale, North Carolina and Burton upon Trent, England, respectively. Both are ISO 9001 certified companies with products recognized and listed by the most demanding regulatory groups in the United States and Canada such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual - FM Approvals, among others.

Metron and Metron Eledyne joined Hubbell in 2011.