FD5 Microprocessor Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump Controller with Touch Screen Display



The Metron/Metron-Eledyne Series FD5 Touchscreen Fire Pump Controller for engine driven fire pumps are designed to automatically start the engine upon a drop in pressure in the water supply, or from a number of other demand signals. The controller's logic is based on discrete components using the latest technology with high quality, highly reliable printed circuit board (PCB) and PCB mounted relays. The controller uses a microprocessor to control automatic engine operation, alternation between batteries during cranking. It also monitors and records system alarms and pressure, battery voltage and engine functions. This controller is suitable for all engine types with either 'energized to run' or 'energize to stop' fuel solenoids. These controllers are for use with all approved types of engine driven fire pumps.

  • The controller includes two 10 Amp battery chargers
  • Built to the latest NFPA 20 Standards, UL Listed and FM Approved
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface Device (OlD) with backlit LCD capable of being read in both direct sunlight or dark lighting conditions. English or Spanish languages are standard and selectable through the OlD. Additional languages available upon request
  • The OlD consists of a color Touch screen for easy screen navigation, Quick Start setup, system mode changes, event history, alarm reset, and horn silencing
  • The built-in annunciator displays alarm and mode indications as text messages, with event history data log

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