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Industrial Solutions: Flexible Power Connections

Linkosity® power and control systems are modular plug and play wiring methods that enable fast installation when compared to traditional wiring methods. These prewired, pre-configured assemblies offer high electrical performance of 3A to 30A systems up to 600V AC. Major advantages of Linkosity is that cable set lengths can be pre-designed for specific floor layouts and installed in much less time than it takes for an electrician to hard wire that same layout. Linkosity can also be reused to fit alternate floor layouts.

Linkosity cables are constructed with TC-ER/STOOW cable and can be used for temporary or permanent installations and have the crush resistance of metal clad (MC) cable.

Linkosity power system distribution assemblies are enclosures that are fed with Linkosity and house up to 5 NEMA receptacles allowing use of common connections for equipment or convenience power.