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iDevices Instant Switch, Pairs with iDevices Products Only, Battery-Powered Bluetooth® Companion Switch, White

By Bryant  
Catalog ID: IDEV0020
Battery-powered, Bluetooth companion switch for iDevices Switch products.

iDevices ZWave Enabled RF Decorator Dimmer 600W Incandescent, 300W CFL/LED, 120VAC, White

By Bryant  
Catalog ID: IDEVZ05DW
ZWave Enabled RF Decorator Dimmer, supports most dimmable bulbs

iDevices ZWave Enabled RF Single Controlled TR Receptacle, ½ HP, 15A, 120VAC, White

By Bryant  
Catalog ID: IDEVZ08W
ZWave Enabled RF Single Controlled (bottom) TR Smart Duplex Wall Outlet
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