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This Knowledge Base contains answers to frequently asked questions about our products, including information on standards, features and usage.

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Cable, Cord and Hose Reels

Can you conceal a Cable or Cord Reels in a acoustical drop ceiling?

What is the reason for not installing a cable reel higher than 16 feet?

Do you sell cord reels with no ends?

I need a cord reel with constant tension. Can you help me?

How do I adjust the tension of your cord reels?

Cam-Type Devices

Can you use Cam-Type Device Connectors on motors?

What is the frequency rating of the Cam-Type Devices?

Can you use welding cables with Cam-Type Devices Connectors?

What type of cable can be used with Cam-Type Device Connectors?

Can you use DLO cable (UL RHH/RHW - 2) on Cam-Type plugs and connectors?

Data Comm

What type of cable can be used with a VGA connector, and is there is any length limitations?

Can I use a USOC jack for Cat 5e?

What is the catalog number for your black Cat 3 jack?

Floor Boxes

What is the UL test for floor box covers?


What type of environmental rating does the GFP15A have?

How often should I test my GFCI receptacles?

What is the torque requirements for terminal screws on GFCI receptacles?

What is the noise immunity level in UL943 for new Ground Fault Products?

What is the noise immunity level in UL943 for old Ground Fault Products?

Why won't Ground Fault Products function correctly if connected to the load side of an inverter that produces a square sine wave?

Where is the best place to use my GFCI portable? Plug it into the wall with the extension into the portable or plug it into the extension cord and plug my drill into the portable?

I was told that if I load one GFCI receptacle off another GFCI receptacles they would cancel each other out. Is this true?

Would I have a problem plugging a GFCI plug into a GFCI receptacle?

Does Bryant do any testing for energy consumption and stand-by loads for various Ground Fault Products receptacles?

Will your GFCI devices work on 120V @ 50Hz?

Does Bryant have a split circuit Ground Fault receptacles available?

What is the vibration/shock GFCI receptacles will withstand?

Can you please tell me if there is a problem using a ground fault receptacle on an arc fault circuit breaker?

Do Bryant GFCI receptacles have a horsepower rating?

Lighting Controls

Are ducts and plenums considered the same?

What is the equation to figure out the line of sight for the MSU2000C when used in a hallway application?

Do you carry cages to protect your occupancy motion sensors?

Are Bryant MSAR add-a-relays and MSCU control units plenum rated?

Do you have a 3-way line voltage motion wall switches?

We have a problem with the contacts on our power packs sticking. What could be the cause?

A low voltage ceiling sensor was temporarily installed for 40 days. It is now being moved to a new location. Can the learned settings be erased and started over?

If I set the green adjustment knob (ultrasonic sensitivity) of a dual technology low voltage sensor to zero, can the sensor operate as a passive infrared sensor?

Why do the MSD500C, MSD1000C, MSU500C, & MSU1000C have 180 degree coverage patterns?

What is the longest distance a sensor can be from the control unit?

Can the learned settings on the adaptive wall switch sensors (MSD1000xx & MSU400xx) be reset?

Do Adaptive Technolog sensors interfere with Interactive Whiteboards?

Do Adaptive Technology sensors interfere with Hearing Aids?

Do Adaptive Technology line voltage sensors, control units and add-a relays employ "zero arc point " switching?

Can sensors see motion through glass walls or windows?

Do the adjustment knobs move during self-adjusting?

Why have the adjustment knobs at all?

What are factory timer settings?

What is a false-on?

Do we have a solution for false-ons?

How does the sensor adapt to false-ons?

Do Adaptive Technology sensors, "fail safe" or fail with the lights on?

Do Adaptive Technology sensors interfere with Pacemakers?

Why are Dual Technology sensors superior to single technology sensors?

If the timer is accidentally left in the test mode (8 seconds for low voltage ceiling & wall sensors, and 10 seconds for wall switches), what does the sensor do?

How are the sensors put into "test mode"?

Does Adaptive Technology address ultrasonic false-ons from air currents?

If I get a "false-off" occurrence (lights turn off when area is occupied) what will the sensor do?

Upon power up, how long does the sensor need to start working?

What is the warranty on Occupancy Sensors products?

Are Adaptive Technology sensors compatible with all ballasts?

Why are Adaptive Technology sensors superior to other occupancy sensors?

Why do sensors need to adjust?

What is inside Adaptive Technology sensors that allows them to learn?

Are Adaptive Technology sensors reliable? Have they been tested to confirm performance claims?

Locking Devices

Is there an easy way to tell what is the mating plug is for your 70520FR locking receptacle?

Do you have Hospital Grade Locking devices?

Are NEMA® configurations require to be marked with HP rating?

I can't find a two gang wall plate for my Locking (1.56" dia.) receptacles.

I can not mount this 26522 (60A flanged inlet) on to a 26401 box. What am I doing wrong?

I can't find weatherproof boots in your catalog for the 26519 and 26516 plug and connectors.

Your 26410 that I have will not accept your 26401 back box. Why?

Do you sell a receptacle with a NEMA L14-50R configuration?

Do you sell a plug with a NEMA L21-50P configuration?

I have your CS6369A. Is the center pin the ground?

Motor Control Products

Does your Bryant 664X33D & 664X63D switch meet NEMA KS-1?

Can I purchase replacement parts for your 664X33D disconnect?

Can I purchase replacement parts for your 664X63D disconnect?

Can I purchase the replacement switch for your 30323D

Can your 3R motor controller disconnect be locked in the on and off position?

Do you have an enclosures or boxes for your 40A, 50A and 85A manual motor controllers?

Pin and Sleeve

Is there a lubricant that can be used on Pin and Sleeve Devices contacts?

What is the terminal temperature rating for determining wire ampacities when using IEC Pin and Sleeve Devices?

Using the Bryant 332P6S, what’s the power cord minimum pull force when assembled with plug by agency?

Do you sell European devices?

Power Quality

How do you wire a Surge receptacle so it will provide downstream protection? It only has two terminals?


How much space does the connector on your QUICK-CONNECT receptacles take up in the box (

Standards and Codes

Does UL or NEC® specify the ground up or ground down on straight blade receptacles?

Do Bryant receptacles and plugs meet NEMA WD6?

What is the test UL 4X test; the amount of water pressure and how far away is the nozzle?

What is the letter designation on the end of a Federal Specification number mean?

What is the web sites for CSA?

What is the web sites for UL?

Please advise the CSA standard number under which the line of Wire Management Product grips is listed.

I have a lot of old non-NEMA devices that are dual rated. How come they are in the catalog but not dual rated anymore?

Straight Blade

What is the definition of terms used to classify wiring devices such as duplex receptacles?" ("Commercial Grade", "Industrial Grade", "Specification Grade", "Hospital Grade".)

What are the holes for in the end of some of the 15A and 20A straight blade plugs?

I want a 20A 120V a straight blade receptacle with two vertical blades and a ground.

Do you manufacture any straight blade plugs that provide for crimp connections to the blades?

Can I get a Hospital Grade device without a green dot? I don't like the way the green dot looks.

Which receptacles have the highest pressure contacts?

Do you sell a NEMA TT-30 configuration?

I have a 20A 125V duplex receptacle, do I install it ground up or down?

Do you have a 20A 125V receptacle without the "T" slot and only two vertical slots?

Do you sell a NEMA 7-20 configuration? I see the configuration on your chart but no catalog numbers? Is this a miss-print?

Surface Raceway

Where do I find the maximum fixture weight rating on your HBL500 and HBL750 series fixture boxes?

What color wiring devices should I used for your ivory steel painted raceway?

Can I connect your metallic raceway directly to your competition's raceway?

I scratched the paint on the steel raceway. Do you have touch-up paint?


Can you use a double-pole switch to control two independent 120VAC load circuits, each load circuit supplied a different phase ("hot" / ungrounded) conductor from a 240VAC supply (ie, 120/240VAC Edison circuit supply), with each 120VAC "hot" protected by two separate single pole breakers?

Do you have a Hospital Grade Switch?

Do you sell the two push button switches and plates anymore?

What is the endurance test that a switch has to pass in order to be Fed Spec?

I can not find a DC rated switch in your catalog. Do you sell one?

How many keys come with your locking switches?

How do I wire up your 3025 series switches for my generator application?

What wallplate do I use with your 4901RKL?


What the maximum number of conductors allowed in the power section of our JLOAD wall/ floor box and under cabinet box?

Do you sell residential grade duplex receptacles and switches that will accept both copper and aluminum wire?


Do your stainless steel wallplates have a brushed finish?

What is the difference between your SS8 and SS8L stainless steel wallplates?

What size wallplate should I used for my 15A single receptacle?

Do you have single gang wallplates for your flanged receptacle and inlets?

Wire Management Products

We tested our support grip with a magnet, and it stuck to several parts of the material. Does this typically happen with 302/304 stainless steel, or did we get the wrong product?

Can I purchase a stainless steel pulling grip for a salt water application?

Can I use a pulling grip to pull conduit thru a bored hole or ditch in the ground?

Why is there a safety factor on Wire Management Products?

Do Deluxe Cord Grips have CE certification?

Can I use conduit riser grips in EMT?

Are Deluxe Cord Grips approved for pendant connectors?

How can we find the approximate equivalent diameter of a multi-cable bundle?

Do Bryant cord grips have a “DNV” certification (“Det Norske Veritas’ rules for classification of ships, high speed & light craft and mobile offshore units”).

I have a wire pull in a conduit. Which pulling grip should I use?

Wiring Methods

Do you sell pipe, wire or cable?

Using a standard 500 volt megger. What should the resistance be from the isolated ground screw to the grounded portion of the device, what is the minimum reading that these devices are manufactured to achieve.

When wiring a device, why does the installation instructions indicate do not tin conductors?

What are Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)?

I need a 1" explosion proof sealing fitting. What is your catalog number?

What does it mean when a device has automatic grounding?

Do you have "Conditions of Acceptability" on your products?

I need a 3/4" rigid LB. What is your catalog number?

Can I buy direct from you or online?

Can I use stranded wire on your side wired receptacles?