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PA Compression Fittings

by Continental Industries 

PA Compression Fittings are mechanical fittings used to join polyethylene pipe and tubing. These fittings are used for natural gas distribution, LPG and propane gas distribution, and yard gas systems

  • Manufactured from a high performance polyamide (PA) resin developed for high pressure gas applications
  • PA Compression Fittings are designed to join pipe meeting ASTM D2513
  • Category 1 mechanical joint
  • Pressure rating 125 psig
  • Configurations (Couplings, Tees, Elbows, End Caps, Reducers)
  • Can be used for the following PE materials - 2306, 2406, 2708, 3306, 3408, 3708, 4710
  • PA Compression Fittings are available to transition from PE to copper and PE to PVC
  • Fast installation—no need for fusion equipment
  • Easy assembly with common hand tools
  • Millions in service



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