Cathodic Protection

cathodic protection


thermOweld® has been providing high quality exothermic bonding,grounding and related products to the Grounding & Power, Utility, Cathodic and markets worldwide since 1958.

thermOweld® services the Cathodic market domestically and internationally through Corrosion Distributors. This is an all-encompassing field that includes Oil and Gas Transmission pipeline, Water Tanks, Bridges, Marine structures as well as many other cathodic protection needs.

Regardless of the requirements, thermOweld® provides a long list of products for your Cathodic needs. thermOweld® has the quickest lead-time in the industry. We offer a variety of exothermic products and accessories listed in our World Master Catalog

thermOweld ® is recognized in the industry for not only providing Great Customer Service but being engaged in Problem Solving, Providing Fast Response Time and Effective Solutions. We now offer a "Same Day Service" (SDS) to allow us to respond to your needs quicker. Please contact us for assistance with your specific needs.