About GasBreaker

GasBreaker Excess Flow Valves have provided industry-leading service to commercial and residential areas since their initial conception as a UMAC product in 1974. UMAC was founded in 1970 with a mission to provide reliable, highly functional gas breakers to protect homes and businesses.

The following 30 years saw UMAC establish itself as a pioneer in the gas industry, introducing a number of groundbreaking valves, including the first plastic-to-plastic EFV in 1976, a medium-capacity EFV in 1990, and the first no-hole EFV in 2006.

GasBreaker and Hubbell

UMAC EFVs joined the GasBreaker line of EFVs in 2009. In 2015, Hubbell acquired GasBreaker and incorporated the UMAC and GasBreaker EFVs into a singular product line. Today, GasBreaker products are manufactured and distributed through Hubbell Gas Utility Solutions.

We guarantee superior quality, service, and selection to assist gas utilities in meeting the needs of professionals in service line applications.