Excess Flow Valve Benefits

Protect homes, improve gas flow, and mitigate environmental impact with GasBreaker Excess Flow Valves. Our EFVs enable utilities to easily detect, limit, and prevent excess gas flow to both residential and commercial buildings.

Detect and Limit Excess Gas Flow

GasBreaker Excess Flow valves (EFVs) are installed underground where the gas service line connects to the main gas line. Like electric circuit breakers, EFVs are designed to trip when the gas flow exceeds design limits. EFVs may shut off when a gas or service line ruptures due to ground movement, natural disasters, or third-party damage.

Our high-performance valves provide reliable protection against leaks. The valves help conserve resources by mitigating the risk of emergencies, boosting public trust in gas systems, and providing a secure work environment for gas utility personnel.

Gasbreaker Valves

Quality, Industry-Approved Excess Flow Valves

  • Improves environmental impact by reducing the amount of methane escaping into the atmosphere – EPA STAR Program compliance
  • Meets DOT 192.381 and MSS-SP-115 standards for excess flow valves used in the natural gas system
  • Meets ASTM F 1802-97 standards for performance testing of EFVs
  • Meets ASTM F 2138-01 standard specification for EFVs
  • 100% of all UMAC Valve assemblies are factory tested to meet or exceed DOT 192.381 Performance standards

Excess Flow Valves Configured for All Environments

  • Accommodates pressures from 5 psi to 1000 psi*
  • Diameter sizes available from 1/2" to 2"
  • Service line capacities from residential to commercial loads
  • Compatible with fittings and piping materials from most manufacturers
  • Compatible with most types of pipe materials and configurations
  • *For inquiries on valves rated higher than 1000 psi, please contact our team.

Safe and Efficient

  • Safeguards utilities against unwarranted negative publicity and excessive liabilities caused by emergency gas leaks
  • Increases public confidence in gas utilities
  • Saves time and money by reducing the frequency of emergency situations

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