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Designer and manufacturer of electrical connectors and accessories for power utilities and mass transit rail systems

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We bring experience, expertise, and a global presence to offer you complete product and service solutions. Our innovative thinking supports wind and solar energy projects as well as grid integration—at substation, transmission, and distribution levels. Everything inside the fence and outside the fence.


CPI ALUMINUM WEDGE TAP CONNECTORS consist of a spring “C”-Body & wedge combined with a “shear-head” bolt. Offering a High Performance permanent connection that is Low Resistance, Durable and Easy to Install. The spring body of the connector will flex and maintain a constant force as thermal cycling causes conductors to expand and contract.

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ALUMINUM STIRRUP CONNECTORS, developed by Connector Products, a division of Burndy LLC, are designed for connecting to Aluminum or Copper conductors. Stirrups are intended to product the main line conductor from damage and arcing as Hot Line clamps are connected and disconnected.

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Piggy-Back Clamps are designed to temporarily hold the tap conductor in position with the main conductor while a permanent connection is made elsewhere. This versatile tool will assist the Lineman with the installation of many types of tap connectors, especially in Hot-Stick applications.

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CPI HTC Series connectors are designed for use as a permanent or temporary connection on Aluminum or Copper wire. Through utilization of the wedge principal, the HTC series tap maximizes connecting force on the conductor and creates a self-maintaining spring wedge connection.

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Some examples are in mounting sectionalizing switches, connecting compression lugs for risers or various uses in Sub Stations. Pad Tap Connectors are extremely beneficial in applications that may need to be Disconnected. During installation, when proper spring tension and torque is achieved, the Shear Head Bolt will break off giving the installer a positive indication of a correctly completed connection.

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CPI Automatic Splice Connectors are designed as a permanent or temporary connection on AAC, ACSR or AAAC conductor in full or partial tension applications. The unique open design helps overcome the two most common reasons for splice failure, improper installation and corrosion.

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CPI Ground Grid Connectors are a Safe, Fast and Dependable Method of making permanent wire-to-wire and wire-to-rod connections for a variety of grounding applications. This product uses a special Shear-Head bolt to drive a wedge into the connector to activate the connector.

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Optical Grounding Wire (OPGW) accessories developed by Connector Products, a division of Burndy LLC. are designed to make connections throughout the span. These patented products have the end user in mind. Quick delivery, competitive pricing and innovative design features allow CPI to offer an array of products in this category.

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The CPI Rail Connector is designed as a permanent connection for Cu conductor to a variety of rails used in Heavy Rail Mass Transit systems. Constructed using a Heavy Duty Air Craft quality steel spring member, Copper Cable Nest, Indentor, Hex Head Bolt and Locking Nut.

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Better Products by Design

Our products, which were developed in cooperation with engineers and operations professionals in the field, are simple, safe, and sustainable.

Simple, safe sustainable products
High-performance, low-resistance connectors
No special tooling to install or remove
40+ years of innovation and experience

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Since 1980 CPI has provided electrical connectors for major power utility transmission and distribution systems.

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