We’ve prepared a library of guides to ensure the correct installation of our connector products. Watch them all here!

Automatic Splice Installation

Installation video for our automatic splice. With an open body design and stainless steel springs, the CPI automatic takes the guessing out of a correctly installed splice.

Ground Grid Connector

Connector Products Ground Grid connectors are a safe, dependable method of making permanent wire-to-wire or wire-to-rod connections.

Hot Stick Installation

The Connector Products Inc hot stick installation video. High performance without the need for special tooling.

HTC Series

The Connector Products Inc HTC Series connectors are designed for use as a permanent or temporary connection on Aluminum or Copper wire.

OPGW Dead end Assembly

The Connector Products OPGW dead end is designed as a full tension termination of Optical Grounding Wire Spans.

OPGW Down Lead Clamp

Connector Products Down Lead Clamps are used to guide the Optical Grounding Wire down the structure. These are purposely designed with a diameter range.

Replacing the Bolt

This video shows how to replace a shear head bolt in a Connector Products wedge. Along with cleaning, this should be completed before reusing the connector.

Running Rail Connector

The CPI running rail connector, or the “Polidori Clamp” is designed as a permanent connection for copper conductor to a variety of rails use don mass transit systems.

Stirrup Connector

This video features the procedure to install the Connector Products stirrup connector using the hot stick method.

Wedge Tap Installation with Gloves

This video shows how to install the Connector Products wedge connector. This can be completed without any special tooling.