HTC B Series
HTC B Series

HTC30B, Hot Line Tap Connector, Range: 4/0-954, 1/0 Bail


Connector Products (CPI)

Conductor Range: 4/0 - 954 (.522"-1.125") with 1/0 Tin Plated Bail

  • Incorporates stainless steel eye bolt for increased strength and corrosion resistance
  • Copper bail is tin plated to prevent galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals
  • The bail is locked into the connector using threaded set screws preventing excessive deformation while maximizing surface contact area for maximum conductivity
  • High conductivity grit type corrosion inhibitor is factory applied for ease of installation and longevity while the connector is in service
  • Remains permanently locked through fault current or power surges
  • Horizontal wedge action prevents the conductor from 'sticking' during the removal process
  • Easy to remove without damaging cables

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