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Metals Industry

Over a Century of Dependable Mill-Duty Crane Controls, Brakes, and Youngstown™ Power Limit Switches

EC&M’s original, patented DC Hoisting / Dynamic Lowering Circuit has been operating Steel Mill cranes and ore bridges since 1907. Simple, strong circuit design means less downtime, less routine maintenance and increased productivity compared to other contactor based systems. EC&M’s contactor crane control is manufactured with the best power and control circuits, coupled with the best contactor.

The typical life of a properly maintained EC&M Class 6121 contactor control system is 25 years. Multiply that by 690,000, the average annual moves of an electric arc furnace charging crane, for a total of 17 million crane moves -- that’s rugged, reliable control. Our rugged mill-duty DC and AC contactors are built using the highest quality materials and tested to the toughest mill-duty standards. Class 7004 Type M Contactors and Class 7001 Type K Relays are standard on all control panels. The Type M contactors feature the Line-Arc™ arc extinction method originally patented by EC&M in the 1930’s. This arc extinction method results in the longest tip life and minimizes arc chute wear. Controls with the Type M also feature steel pan mounting and readily accessible power and control terminations. We complete our control with disconnects, motor protection, and the durable and reliable Type K relay.

Class 5010 Type F WB Magnetic Brake for AC and DC Cranes

The Class 5010 Mill-Duty Type F WB Brake is designed for the severe duty encountered in primary metal mills, shipyards, movable bridges, conveyors, and smelting operations. The Type F brake can be used in both AC and DC motor applications and used on both series and shunt DC motors.

Easy to maintain and adjust, ranging in size from 8” to 30,” the WB Brake separates itself from the competition by its conveniently-located overlever assembly, and with fast and easy coil and brake shoe replacement. Manufactured to rugged AIST specifications in the USA, the Class 5010 brake is 100% fabricated and assembled at our manufacturing facility in Mayville, WI. Each brake is visually, mechanically and electrically tested before shipment. Built to AIST specifications, no brake matches the rugged ness and reliability of the EC&M brake.

Class 6170 Youngstown
 Power Limit Switches for AC and DC Cranes

EC&M's Youngstown™ Power Limit Switches, originally introduced in the 1920’s were the world’s first high-power interrupting device built to limit over-travel for crane hoisting operations. EC&M’s rugged mill-duty power  limit switch was designed specifically for steel mill cranes.

The Youngstown™ Power Limit Switch meets OSHA requirements (OSHA 1910.179(g)(5)(iv)) for hoist over-travel because of the motor power circuit connection that will directly disconnect the motor if the limit switch is tripped. Switches are operated by the crane hoist hook block and do not require additional devices to remove power from the motor.