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By Burndy 

Catalog ID: B7901

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  B7901
Mold, Horizontal Cable Tap to Vertical Rebar, 4 AWG, #5 Rebar, 90 Weld Metal.

Features: Type BCRE-6 Molds Are Recommended For Horizontal Conductors Terminating At Right Angles To Vertical Rebar Connections For Concentric Stranded Conductors 6 AWG Through 4/0 AWG Joined To Reinforcing Bars #3 Through #7 And Larger, The High Copper Content Joint Has A Higher Current Carrying Capacity Than The Conductors Being Joined And Is Impervious To Vibration And Moisture, Cartridge Type: Standard, Conductor Type: Concentric Stranded Copper, Recommended Accessories: B38-3922-00 Mold Cleaning Brush, B38-0135-00 Cable Cleaning Brush, B38-0304-00 File, Required Tools: B38-0309-00 Flint Ignitor, Packing Material: B38032900 Copper Shim Stock, Rebar Size: #5

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