Customer Resources

Access test results, drawings, sales data, publications and other valuable assets through our customer resource applications.

Arrester Certified Routine Test Reports

Conveniently view and download original surge arrester factory test results directly to your device.

HPS Library

Browse all Hubbell Power Systems and related brand catalogs through the HPS library app.


HubbellConnect is your universal platform for everything Hubbell. The app offers access to inventory management, order tracking, and customer support to help your business grow.

Hubbell Submittal Builder

Build a list of Hubbell products and easily export of single pdf of product information and related assets to use in Submittals.

HUS 3D Portal

Get a head start on your next project with HUS 3D portal. This app offers access to 80% of our standard voltage substation connectors 3D renderings, as well as over 3,000 transmission connector models in one central location.

PCORE™ Bushing Certified Test Reports

The Bushing certified test report tool allows PCORE™ bushing users to conveniently view and download original factory bushing test results.

PCORE™ Test Terminal Savings Calculator

The PCORE™ test terminal savings calculator enables utility users to estimate long-term savings from the installation of the PCORE test terminal.

SalesPal by Flippingbook

Access fast-loading, interactive Hubbell Electrical Solutions brand catalogs in an easy to use mobile app with powerful search and sharing capabilities.

USCO Virtual Engineering

The USCO virtual engineering application provides a protected environment for electronic drawing transmittals. Users can obtain information on engineering and shipping status as well as download engineering drawings for review.11

Product Selection

Our product selection apps offer detailed product information to help you select the appropriate products that meet your needs.

Burndy Connect

Burndy Connect helps users find Burndy products that meet their specific needs. The app also provides information for inspecting and installing these products.

Capacitor Bank Configurator

This user-friendly app allows you to configure a Hubbell pole mount express capacitor bank by guiding you through options including BIL and system operating voltage.

Ground Set Configurator

An electronic assistant that helps model any ground set from the complete list of Chance® brand grounding components, including clamp, cable, and terminal parts. If you need ground sets ASAP, the app also includes access to a quick ship program that ships sets in five days.


HeliCAP is a cloud-based application that helps engineers solve tension and compression problems with helical anchors. The app is ideal for designing foundations, tiebacks, soil nails, and heavy guyed loads.

Hot Box Select-A-Box Tool

This user-friendly app helps users find styles of Hot Box® enclosures to fit their specific backflow device. The app also provides a drawing, piping layout, specification, and installation instructions at your fingertips.

Hubbell AR App

The Hubbell augmented reality (AR) app allows users to test Hubbell products in two different augmented reality formats.

Hubbell Competitor Cross-Reference

Easily cross-reference Hubbell products with competitors’ offerings with the Hubbell competitor cross-reference app.

Hubbell SystemOne Configurator

Create your own custom SystemOne fire-rated poke-through device through SystemOne Configurator. Users can choose from a selection of sizes, fittings, subplates, covers, and accessories to fit their application.

Kellems Product Selector

Kellems product selector provides detailed product information on a variety of HWDK products, including mesh grips, cord connectors, and liquid tight products.

PCORE Bushing Catalog Number Search

Bushing catalog number search helps users search and analyze PCORE bushing catalog numbers. The app offers data on kV class, amperage and any possible modifications from a standard PCORE bushing.

Polycast Drain Designer

The Polycast drain designer provides a step-by-step guide to the system design process, allowing users to create drawings, bills of material, and project specifications.

Protecta*Lite Performance Estimator

Estimate lightning performance benefits of standard transmission line voltages and structures with the Protecta*Lite Interactive Performance Estimator.

Sectionalizing Cabinet Selection Tool

Build a custom sectionalizing cabinet to suit your utility needs with the sectionalizing cabinet selection tool. Users can customize their cabinet’s color and grounding option, as well as compare their cabinet to other selections through a central drop-down menu.

Select-a-Base Lighting Base Selector

Select-A Base can help you match the correct lighting base to different soils, wind loads, overturning moment and vertical loadings.

Twist-Lock® Selector

Access detailed product information on Twist-Lock™ devices and view related products.

Product Control Software

Enjoy easy remote access to your Hubbell products through our product control apps. These applications enable also users to record, save, and share product data with other users.


Manage tool rosters, receive diagnostic updates, and view Burndy product information with T3.

Fargo Select 4-R Damper Application

This online software enables the application of Fargo 4-R Stockbridge-type dampers to provide vibration protection of open-wire overhead power line conductors and shield wire cables.

KVM Wireless

Access your KVM readings in real-time, directly from your wireless device. You can also record, save, and share your KVM data with other users.

VersaTech™ Recloser Programmer

The VersaTech™ relcoser programmer allows users to read and program settings and download event or data logs for VersaTech™ technology.