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by Gleason Reel 

Catalog ID: 55-4E-2DP-WL-20-LD

Series 55 Limit Switch DPDT

  • Easy, precision timing adjustment using standard screwdriver and provided tool
  • Industrial grade oil-impregnated bronze bearings
  • Switch terminal screws for quick wiring
  • Operating temperature range is -20F to +150F
  • Humidity up to 90% is acceptable
  • Ambient pressure of -0.5 to +2.0 psig is acceptable (where 0 psig equals 14.7 psi atmospheric)

Product Details


Product Category Limit Switches
Series 55


Circuits Normally Closed 2
Circuits Normally Open 2
Maximum Shaft Turns To Trip Contacts 17
Minimum Shaft Turns To Trip Contacts 1
Over Travel Shaft Turns 3.25
Reset Shaft Turns 0.25

Certifications and Compliance

Nema Rating 4