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LA2-2/0TL Submersible Aluminum Terminal Lugs and Tap Kits Comp


Catalog ID: LA2-2/0TL

Catalog ID:  LA2-2/0TL
Aluminum Terminal Lugs and Tap Kits for Use on UC Connectors, Dual rated connectors for Aluminum or Copper conductors
  • Offered as individual terminal lugs or in kit form, complete with aTorpedo sleeve. Kits are offered in two types: One type consists of the lug and uncut torpedo cover.The other consists of the lug and a Torpedo sleeve factory cut at the appropriate conductor step to match the wire size of a particular lug.
  • Hook-on terminal lugs have side tabs to mate with locking recesses provided in the corresponding pads of “RESIDENTIAL EEL” series types UC.
  • Common die terminal lugs are pre-filled with electrical joint compound and capped with color coded plugs. Field instructions and lubricant are supplied with kits.
  • Meets the performance requirements of ANSI C119.1, ANSI C119.4 and Western Underground Committee Guide 2.5.
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