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SR 4/0 K Aluminum Mechanical Splicers / Reducers


Catalog ID: SR 4/0 K

Catalog ID:  SR 4/0 K
Insulated waterproof streetlight connectors
  • The DSR-K product is a hinged, single piece clamshell housing, each side filled with pre-cured insulating material and a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy connector.
  • The housing provides physical protection to the insulating material and provides compression that is essential for the sealing properties.
  • Simple to use - Install the conductors in the connector, position the connector in the cover and close the cover.
  • Fully tested to ANSI C119.4 and C119.1 and Western Underground Guide 2.5.
  • Gel pack, water proof cover is included in kits.