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Litecontrol's Vora was created with the future in mind by pushing the boundaries of the current landscape of recessed products.

Featuring the newest generation of LED edge-lit technology, two laser etched acrylic panels emit a perfectly uniform diffused surface while utilizing our patented center mixing chamber to disperse excess light. Extruded and cast aluminum components complete a quality construction that is unmatched. The result is one of the thinnest architectural troffers with a unique take on the traditional aesthetic.


2.2" fixture depth, reducing plenum space


Edge-lit light guides for perfectly uniform appearance of up to 8000 lumens and up to 120 lm/W in select configurations


Five size options, four visual options, three finish options

Vora Product Page


1' x 1', 1' x 2', 2' x 2', 1' x 4', 2' x 4'


Open, Lens, Baffle, Decorative


Carbon Black, Machined Aluminum, Matte White

Vora Sizes


The Open visual allows for direct view to the center mixing chamber reflector. A fresh new look to the architectural market.


The Lens visual allows for a more traditional look by incorporating a third lens into the fixture.


The Baffle aesthetic helps increase visual comfort by reducing glare though the use of a straight blade louver to restrict the view into the center reflector.


An upscale take on the open visual, the Decorative center allows for a special graphic insert into the center chamber.


LED boards located at the sides of the fixture direct the light through the acrylic light guides. The light collides with the laser etched optics in the lens to direct the light into the room. Excess light spills into the center mixing chamber and is recycled back out into the space. The result is uniform light throughout the entire appearance of the fixture.


Vora's universal frame design allows for interface with mulitple ceiling types. A single bracket is added to allow adaption to 9/16th narrow grid.

Vora Sizes

The use of light guides allows for the full lumen output to be spread across the fixture rather than a single, visible source. This results in a reduction of glare and a visually comfortable, quiet appearance.

Utilizing edge-lit technology allows for a significant reduction in fixture space, resulting in a depth that virtually eliminates plenum fit concerns.

Vora Spectrasync

SpectraSync™ is an easy and intuitive white tuning solution offered in two modes to accommodate a variety of applications.


Dim to Warm mimics the familiar warming effect that occurs with traditional incandescent sources as they are dimmed. (Available with 2200K-3000K)


Tunable White offers users the ability to tailor CCT to their personal preference, enhancing task visibility, material and colors, or the aesthetics of the space. (Available with 2700K-5000K or 2700K-6500K)