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Protecta*Lite Arrester (84 kV MCOV)


Catalog ID: 605084A7P2001

This web listing represents a sampling of typical configurations. Protecta*Lite Arrester assemblies can be customized for all distribution and transmission lines.

Selection of arrester MCOV size is based upon the maximum continuous voltage that is applied across the arrester in service (line-to-ground). For arresters on effectively grounded neutral systems, this is normally the maximum line-to-ground voltage

Example: 84 kV on a 138 kV system. For ungrounded or impedance-grounded systems, the MCOV should be at least 90 percent of maximum phase-to-phase voltage.

For more information about arrester selection, please contact your Hubbell Power Systems representative.

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  • Product Details


    Application Above 35 kV
    Type Line Arresters

    Electrical Ratings

    Creep and Leakage Distance 153.0 in (3886.2 mm)
    Duty Cycle 108 kV
    Frequency Rating 48-62 Hz
    MCOV 84 kV
    Maximum .5 Microsecond Discharge Volts @ Classifying Current 284.0 kV
    Maximum Discharge Voltage
    • 226 kV @ 1.5 kA
    • 238 kV @ 3 kA
    • 249 kV @ 5 kA
    • 268 kV @ 10 kA
    • 298 kV @ 20 kA
    • 335 kV @ 40 kA
    Maximum Switching Surge Protective Level @ 500A 211.0 kV
    Pressure Relief Capability-Symmetrical rms (kA) 40
    Voltage - Line 138 kV

    Certifications and Compliance

    Industry Standard(s) IEEE/IEC