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SDC™ Composite Bushing - 72.5KV

By Electro Composites 

Catalog ID: 325-008-T-907-00

By Electro Composites
Catalog ID:  325-008-T-907-00
SDC™ 72.5kV-800DL A Transformer Condenser Bushing, Solid-Dielectric-Capacitor Type, Rated per GB/T, Drawlead Connected for Air-to-Oil Applications, 21.0" Min.Oil Immersion Level/CT Pocket, 96.6" Min. Creepage Length
  • SDC™ - Solid Dielectric Capacitance Graded Composite Construction
  • EC-APG-02 Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Compound for Optimal Performance
  • Meets GB/T 4109 Electrical and Mechanical Requirements
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally