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Quadrant Strain Clamp - Copper Substation Cable Bus


Catalog ID: BR1200N

The BR1/BR2 are Bronze Bolted Quadrant Strain Clamps and are designed to be used primarily for deadending copper substation cable bus. These clamps are compact for greatest phase clearance. During installation the cable will slide free under the U-Bolts, or if preferred, U-Bolts may be removed and cable laid in clamp grooves from the side.

  • Type BR1 is designed for single cable
  • The Sag Eye Ultimate Strength is 60% of the Ultimate Body Strength without fitting.
  • Rated slip strength as a % of conductor RBS varies with conductor type, size, and stranding. Minimum slip strength rating on standard strength conductors is 40% RBS (Partial Tension). For many standard strength conductors, minimum slip strength of this clamp series is 60% RBS (Normal Tension). Consult factory for slip strength test data on specific clamp and conductor combinations.
  • Bolt and Nut may be substituted for clevis pin by adding suffix "BNK" to catalog number. Example: BR1200NBNK.
  • Bolt and clevis pin will be the same diameter.

Product Details


Bolt Installation Torque (Recommended) 720 in-lbs
Fitting Type None
Material - Body Bronze Alloy
Material - Hardware Galvanized Steel
Material - Keeper High Strength Bronze
Material - Pin (Cotter) Stainless Steel
Product Category Quadrant
Strength Rating - Ultimate Body 15000 lb
Style BR1
Type Bolted
U-Bolts 3 in


Clamping - Maximum 1.630 in
Clamping - Minimum 1.411 in
Clevis Opening 0.9375 in
Diameter - Clevis Pin 0.625 in
Height 5.00 in
Length 12.75 in
Weight 15.0 lb

Electrical Ratings

Voltage Application Standard

Conductor Related

Clamping Range 1.411- 1.630

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) ANSI C119.4