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General purpose transformer connectors


Catalog ID: L6A4-350

Catalog ID:  L6A4-350
General purpose transformer connectors, Dual rated connectors for Aluminum or Copper conductors, CO-OX Oxide inhibitor is omitted
  • Clear Plated for low-contact resistance.
  • Fully tested to ANSI C119.4 for Class ‘A’ connectors.
  • Supplied with aluminum radial tipped set-screws.
  • Connector fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for conductivity and strength.
  • Designed for installation on standard two and four-hole spades.
  • All mounting holes 1.75” on center line.
  • For installation, CMC® recommends the use of a 9” insulated Allen wrench.
  • A torque wrench should be used to ensure the proper torque is achieved.
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