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Compression Splice Uni-Grip®(One Die) Full Tension


Catalog ID: A151768

Catalog ID:  A151768
"Compression Terminal, Uni-Grip, Jumper Terminal, 15 degree, For ACSR,AAC,AAAC,ACAR. Standard Aluminum Range: 0.595"-0.679", Compact/TW range: 0.547"-0.611""
  • "For use with ACSR Falcon
  • Full tension Splice assembly
  • Splices are prefilled with Inhibitor
  • For Extra Length Repair Splice Add "XL" suffix and repair cutoff length in Inches e.g. A151768XL24
  • Splices are EHV rated where conductor dia. is 1" or larger"

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Product Details


Compression Method Uni-Grip (single die system)
Die Size 17CD
EU RoHS Indicator No
Material Aluminum Alloy
Press Minimum 60 to
Tension Range 0 lb