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14.4 kV, 600 A, 110 kV BIL, Cycloaliphatic Polymer, Horizontal Three-Phase Loadbreak Switch

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: D7HS4BLQT

Product Details


Blade Type Tubular Copper (single-member)
Color - Insulator Sky Gray
Connector Type Aluminum Threaded
Contact Silver, Copper
Crossarm Brace Type Steel (4" x 4")
Description - Terminal Connectors 6 - Teminal Connectors (ATC1343, #2 - 500kcmil) w/ galvanized hardware
Insulator Type Cycloaliphatic Polymer (3" Bolt Circle)
Material - Base Galvanized Steel per ASTM A153
Material - Interphase Shaft Steel
Mounting Position Horizontal
Type 600 Amp Dead Break
With Seal Kit No
With Test Point Yes


Weight 9.500 lb

Electrical Ratings

AC Withstand Voltage (1 min) 45 kV
BIL 110 kV
Basic Impulse Level 125 kV
Corona Extinction (3pC) 21 kV
Creep and Leakage Distance 18.4" (467mm)
Current - Under Loop Switching 600 A (4.8kV)
Current - Under Magnetizing Switching 7 A
Current Rating 600 A
Current Rating - Cable (Shielded) 100 A
Current Rating - Cable (Unshielded) 11 A
Dead-Ending Rating - Unequal Load 700Lbs
Dead-Ending Rating - Working Load 6000 Lbs
Depth - Ice Break 3/8"
Interrupt Rating - 600 A 50 Operations
Reference Voltage Limit - Minimum 14.4 kV
Temperature Rise - Max. at 600A 36°C
Voltage - Maximum 15.5 kV
Withstand Current - Short Time (10 cycles) 40kA, asymmetrical
Withstand Current - Short Time (3 sec) 25kA, symmetrical
kV Class 25/28 kV

Conductor Related

Solid or Compacted Conductor 500/550
Stranded or Compressed Conductor 450

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) All Applicable ANSI/IEEE Standards


Standard Package 1



Chance D7 Switch Installation with Reciprocating Operating Handle (VI10152E_11L)

Chance D7 Unitized Switch Installation (VI10153E_07L)

Chance Converting Controls of the Chance D5 and D7 Switches (VI10151E_12L)